About the Author: Rev. Bob Lindfelt 

Rev. Bob & Jeannie LindfeltBob graduated from East Carolina University and then served as a Marine Corps officer for several years. He has been married for over 45 years to Jeanie and they have 3 children and 6 grandsons. In 1996 he helped start Acts Now Fellowship in San Diego, California and continues to serve as its director and head pastor. Bob wrote a book titled Speaking in Tongues: A Biblical Perspective and later added a smaller version in booklet form. The booklet format is available in Spanish, Swahili, Japanese, French and Portuguese.

About Bob Lindfelt’s work on speaking in tongues

For over 50 years I have dedicated my life to biblical research and Christian service. The subject of speaking in tongues caught my interest many years ago when I first spoke in tongues in 1967.

Where in most Christian circles speaking in tongues is looked down upon either as unavailable in the present day or as unimportant. But a simple reading of the Scriptures reveals a significant emphasis on speaking in tongues. There are 21 clear sections on speaking in tongues in the Bible and many other references to its usage.

Speaking in tongues, I discovered, was an essential aspect of the Christian Church that God instituted to bless man and to connect with Himself. Since the time I first spoke in tongues it has become, and still is, a significant part of my Christian life. Speaking in tongues provides for me with unspeakable joy, knowing I have a 24 hour link with my Heavenly Father. It has truly given rest to my soul and an assurance to my heart. It confirms the eternal reality of Christ within.

I believe speaking in tongues offers unlimited satisfaction to the heart and soul of every believer who really wants to know the truth of God’s purpose for this magnificent manifestation. I believe speaking in tongues is one of those undiscovered blessings that have been hidden for too long from most of God’s people.